Alfa Romeo vs Lexus: Three distinct differences between each brand

Alfa Romeo on road

Both Alfa Romeo and Lexus are well-known luxury brands that offer quality vehicles that have numerous features and overall a lot to offer. There are however significant differences in how each vehicle behaves on the road and how it feels when you are behind the steering wheel. This is not unusual as every vehicle, specifically luxury vehicles, each have a distinct personality and behave in a distinct way on the road. The key to finding the right vehicle for you is finding the vehicle that has the personality that matches with your personality.

If the only thing you care about is comfort, then we can say honestly that Lexus certainly shines in that area. But if you want to value, exclusivity, performance, driving pleasure, exceptional refinement, and comfort, then Alfa Romeo will cover every single area. Let’s take a look at three differences between Alfa Romeo and Lexus.


Alfa Romeo offers two distinct Vehicles, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The first is a luxury SUV while the second is a luxury sedan. They compete respectively with the Lexus NX and the Lexus IS. While the NX offers 235 horsepower and the IS offers 241 horsepower, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia come standard with a 2 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 280 horsepower along with 306 pound-feet of torque. This is more performance and more torque than you find in either Lexus vehicle, which translates into more dynamic accelerations and improved sportiness on the road.

Alfa Romeo vs Lexus: Three distinct differences

Driving pleasure

With better performance comes more driving pleasure. In this area, Alfa Romeo vehicles truly shine. They’re exceptional handling and great steering feel make them unique on the road, helping them develop a strong following among enthusiasts. You won’t find another vehicle that handles like Alfa Romeo in this price point, and for buyers who want to enjoy a comfortable ride that doesn’t compromise steering feel and handling, Alfa Romeo is definitely the way to go.


There are Lexus vehicles at every corner, but seeing an Alfa Romeo it’s a much rarer occurrence. For buyers who want to drive something that is different and experience something that is unique, only Alfa Romeo can offer that in this segment.

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