2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio vs. 2021 Jaguar F-Pace

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2021 vs Jaguar F-Pace 2021

There are many reasons why the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is dubbed “the sports car of its segment.” Other than the fact that it can comfortably carry five passengers and luggage in a technological environment, it is also incredibly agile and powerful thanks to its state-of-the-art engines that work in perfect unison with an advanced, racing-inspired chassis.

Beyond the mechanical bits, the Stelvio is superior to its rivals because it is built with Italian passion, craftsmanship and innovation that create a never-before-seen balance of engineering and emotion. It’s basically like driving a fine Italian sports car!

This year, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio offers more standard features, new exterior colours and repackaged Advanced Driver Assistance bundles that makes every drive safer and more enjoy

Here, we compare the 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio with the 2021 Jaguar F-Pace.

A unique experience inside the 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

It only takes once glance to realize that the Stelvio’s interior is much more welcoming and stylish. Many elements like the Formula One-inspired steering wheel and a rich variety of unique two-tone colour schemes and prestigious stitching are much more inspiring than what you will find in the F-Pace.

Outside, the Stelvio is offered with three available appearance packages that provide more exterior style than the F-Pace. You can choose from the Nero Edizione, Lusso and Carbon packages depending on the variant you pick. Four new exterior colours are on the menu for 2021: Ocra GT Junior, Rosso GTA, Rosso Villa d’Este and Verde Montreal. A new 21-inch wheel design is also available on Ti Sport and Quadrifoglio.

Bolder accelerations with the 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Stelvio Back view

The Stelvio is offered in Sprint, Ti, Ti Sport and Quadrifoglio variants. The first three variants are powered by a 2.0-litre, direct-injection turbocharged engine with 280 horsepower and 306 lb-ft of torque.

The base engine in the F-Pace is also 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit, but it only provides 247 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque.

The F-Pace does have more powerful engines in various trims. However, the top end, Ferrari-derived 505-horsepower engine in the Quadrifoglio variant enables the Stelvio to go from 0 to 97 km/h in only 3.6 seconds, which is faster than the top F-Pace SVR variant which takes 3.8 seconds to do the same sprint.

In the end, the Stelvio takes the win in a more stylish way. Come and see us or send us an e-mail to know more about the 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

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