What is the Alfa Romeo DNA system?

Display of the Alfa Romeo DNA system.

Buying an Alfa Romeo is the first step before jumping into a world dedicated to that art of driving. From the car company’s humble beginnings in Milan, Italy, back in 1910, the goal has always been to create an exhilarating driving experience.

Performance innovations

Throughout its history, Alfa Romeo has been involved in motorsports which has served as a test-bed to improve driving dynamics, agility, and all-out performance. Pick any of Alfa Romeo’s cars, over its 110-year history and you’ll notice that they all have one thing, well two things, in common. For one, they are all beautiful and two, all have, in one way or another, pushed the performance envelope forward.

Modern technology enables engineers to provide the driver with even more control than what was previously possible. Beyond an incredibly strong structure, an expertly sport-tuned chassis, and a powerful engine, drivers can select drive modes to fit their needs and moods. The Alfa DNA and DNA Pro Drive Mode Selector are the key to the most involving driving experience money can buy.

Selecting ultimate control

For most Alfa Romeo cars and SUVs, there are three modes to select from and they are: Dynamic, Natural, and Advanced Efficiency. Each is designed to maximize the vehicle’s potential once more based on the driver’s desires.

When the desire for a little more performance creeps up, and for a responsive drive on the street is warranted, the Dynamic Mode delivers enhanced throttle response and tunes in more aggressive shift timing. It also has an effect on braking response and electronic driving aids. The best way to describe this mode is like tuning the vehicle up to 11, from a maximum of 10.

Unfortunately, we can’t always explore the limits of the law when driving. Thus, for the old daily grind, the Natural Mode is the smart choice. It provides a more comfort-focused calibration but never at the expense of driving fun. Even in this mode, the Giulia’s and Stelvio’s potent powertrain are still very much present.

When the driver is feeling more responsible and fuel economy is the goal, Advanced Efficiency enables cylinder deactivation technology to maximize efficiency. This mode can also be useful when driving conditions become difficult.

Finally, the supercars that are the Quadrifoglio and the 4C Spider are privy to the DNA Pro system with the Race mode. As far as drive modes go, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. It initiates the over-boost function, fires up the exhaust system to be more vocal, and switches ESC off. Alfa Romeo recommends that this mode be used only on a track as it opens up complete access to the engine’s power and sharpens up brake and steering feel.

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